Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a model for providing computing access over network. As defined by many experts in academic and commercial scopes this model is created of certain service characteristics, service models and deployment models. The characteristics of the cloud model are discussed in our True Cloud post. The origin of the term ‘cloud computing’ is […]

Data servers resting on clouds in blue in a cloudy sky

True Cloud

As the popularity of Cloud computing has grown, it has been discussed more and more in blog posts, papers, conferences and magazines. Therefore, many businesses have added the word cloud to their advertisements and they claim they provide cloud services but without making any changes to their old infrastructure which has resulted in frustration of […]


Security and Data Confidentiality

Security and data confidentiality are among the most debated topics on cloud computing. Sharing most essential data of the company with a third party provider makes some managers to think twice before choosing cloud computing over on-premise solutions. However, sharing sensitive data is not a new issue firms are facing. For example, many companies outsource […]